Works with the Shop/Warehouse Operations Coordinator and warehouse volunteers in receiving donations from the shop, sorting items according to established criteria and preparing them for sale in the shop. Work primarily focuses on merchandise preparation including tagging, steaming, hanging, and distributing. May also be asked to work in the shop from time to time, the Sales Associate description should be considered part of the Fashion Warehouse Associate position.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Transports donations from shop to warehouse in van.

  • Unloads donations from van and reloads van with ready merchandise.

  • Assists Warehouse Supervisor in sorting donations.

  • Prepares merchandise for the shop, including hanging, tagging and steaming.

  • Communicates with shop staff regarding needed inventory.

  • Assists with training and supervising volunteers.

  • Assists in maintaining organization and tidiness of warehouse.

  • Trained to work at the Shop if needed to fill in.

  • Maintain inventory of supplies.

Teamwork Skills:

  • Dependable and flexible.

  • Works cooperatively with staff and volunteers.

  • Organized.

Physical Abilities:

  • Able to climb stepladders.

  • Able to lift bins and bags weighing up to 30 pounds.

  • Able to bend and raise arms above shoulders for steaming and distributing merchandise in warehouse.

  • Able to drive SCHIP’s van between locations.

  • Able to load/unload the van.





The Sales Associate works under the supervision of the Manager, who is supervised by the Operations chairperson and Operations committee of the board of SCHIP. The Sales Associate must be energetic and involved in the day-to-day operations of the shop, including customer service, and keeping the store orderly and attractive.

Pricipal Duties and Responsibilities:n

  • Understands SCHIP’s mission and is able to communicate it to customers and the public.

  • Maintains a professional appearance and demeanor. 

  • Serves customers by greeting them pleasantly with a smile, inquiring if they need help, asking what they are looking for, ringing up sales.

  • Returns items not wanted by customers to appropriate rack/place.

  • Received donations pleasantly and with a thank you, asks if a receipt is needed and provides if necessary. Transfers donations to the van.

  • Assists volunteers by assuring they have a task to do and answering any questions.

  • Straightens existing displays and may make new displays as purchases are made.

  • Unloads merchandise from the van and transfers it to racks/shelves in the shop.

  • Completes tasks assigned by shop manager or members of Operations committee.

  • Monitors the racks ensuring clothes are neat (zipped, buttoned, facing proper direction, in size order).

  • Conducts their work in a friendly and professional manner, with light conversation. Maintains discretion by avoiding any work-related or political discussions.

  • Can open the shop and to close out the register and sales for the day independently.

  • May be asked to help sort and price donations.

  • May be asked to help out occasionally at the warehouse. This could mean helping load the van, steaming merchandise, sorting merchandise, or helping out with a sale event.

  • Employees must not use cell phones for private matters unless on a designated break.


​​      General Knowledge and Experience:

  • Shows an interest in clothing and retail, preferably has retail experience.

  • Possesses good verbal communication skills.

  • Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills

  • Interacts and responds to in an appropriate and positive manner with staff, volunteers, customers, donors and community members.

  • Team player working collegially with co-workers and volunteers, keeping the manager informed of any issues that need to be addressed, and completing their workload in a timely manner.

  • Physical Abilities:

  • Can lift at least 25 pounds.

  • Can stand on their feet for much of the day.

  • Can climb stairs and short ladders.




We are always in need of help. Do you like clothes, stuff, people and your community?  If so, please consider volunteering. If you can donate 2 or 3 hours a week at the shop, we'll show our appreciation by giving you a 25% discount on clothing items during the week you volunteer.

To find out more, please call the store at 985-3595 and someone will be in touch if our volunteer coordinator is not available. 

Volunteers are very important to the success of SCHIP and a valuable partner to the management team. The store and its warehouse are closely linked so volunteers work in both locations. At the store, volunteers welcome customers, help them find items, show them the dressing rooms, and put away clothing that has been tried on but not purchased. When there are no customers to help volunteers go through racks and shelves, straightening merchandise and making sure items are in the proper size and category place. They also help with other tasks such as steaming, ironing, sewing/mending, laundry, shoe cleaning and polishing, and more. At the warehouse, volunteers help in sorting and hanging clothing that has come from the store and assist in putting together clothing that is needed in the store.


Volunteers with specialized backgrounds in something we carry can also be helpful in several ways, including as an advisor on values.  For example, we have a jewelry specialist who identifies all of our jewelry and prepares it for sale and prices it under general guidance from the store manager.  Pricing is usually reserved to the store manager, but if we have available expertise, we are grateful for their added assistance.



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